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Why Costa Rica?

Costa Rica is the best destination that combines several elements: a strategic location that allows us to have a variety and ease of connections, and the best temperature for any kind of activity all year long.

It is famous worldwide for its tourism, its appealing landscapes, national parks, extreme sports, and biodiversity, these are just some of the reasons why more than 3 million people visit us each year.

We must also mention we are the happiest country in the world, recognized for having no army since 1948. We are the best destination for your event!


Costa Rica is noted for its commitment to topics of environmental sustainability and the compliance of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). It was the first country to sign, in 2016, a national pact for its compliance; in 2018 it committed to decarbonize its economy, and more recently, it developed a National Development and Public Investment Plan (PNDIP) 2019-2022, a document that highlights the work plan of the Government.

The Social Progress Index of Costa Rica went from 79.9 / 100 in 2014 to 80.6 / 100 in 2019, ranking 34 and being the Latin American country with the best score. On topics of water and sanitation (99%) it can be compared to the first 10 countries of the list. It also has great Internet coverage, it increased by 24% and covers 71.5% of the population, being the third best country in Latin America in terms of coverage.

Area connection

29 airlines and over 36 destinations around the world have direct flights to Costa Rica. We have excellent air connections from Europe and different parts of America, which makes our country a convenient point for the whole region.