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PARQUE VIVA is located only 18 minutes from the International Juan Santamaria Airport in Alajuela, and only 10 minutes from one of the main highways of Costa Rica, the national José María Castro Madriz national highway, which connects the Metropolitan Area with the Central Pacific.

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To guarantee the efficient mobilization in to and out of our facilities, the venue has 4 different access doors, and a joint protocol with local authorities that is activated when mass-attendance events take place in the venue.


Our complex offers 4.900 parking spaces; however, at Parque Viva we think of everyone and we know many in the audience would rather travel in collective transport. So, we have a special entry gate for those traveling by taxi and private and public transport.

  • The public bus company Zuñiga E Hijos operates the route to Parque Viva and deploys more units when we notify massive flow. The Alajuela bus company TUASA also activates a special route with signs in their units when there are important events.

  • Private bus companies can also be included, they render their services and communicate them via social media; they even offer ticket sales. The service is offered with a pick-up point and arrival and departure times. (El Bus s.a.)

  • Taxi services and exclusive transportation services (Uber, among others) can also be notified and usually have a special entrance to the property at Parque Viva.

  • When necessary, we have successfully activated satellite parking spaces in several points of San Jose, so attendees can leave their vehicles in secure parking spaces and take private buses to our venue. Round trip service.